Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I knew I was falling down on the job...

But I can't believe I almost let a week go by without posting!

I guess it was one heck of a weekend because it's now Wed of the following week.  Ok, let's see where to wrap up my weekend and through the week.  I fell off the diet.  I had some good meals and some not so good.  Friday I ate out at El Pollo Loco since we didn't have the boys and I didn't watch what I ate, I just went with it until I was full. I ate Mac N Cheese and potatoes and gravy. Saturday I tried to watch what I ate and did an oatmeal for breakfast at McDonalds, lunch at home.  But I went over on dinner and ate two bbq chicken sandwhiches. I was fine at dinner but when we got home late, I saw everyone eating a snack and I caved. Sunday was Father's Day so I took Chris out for breakfast and ate at Carl's Jr. I didn't eat healthy at all.  I snacked on M&M's.  Dinner I ate Curry Chicken and rice. Since it was Father's Day I fixed cherry cheesecake and ate it.  Ok, since Monday and Tuesday some meals went well but by the end of the day I was still hungry so I caved into my cravings. I need to pull myself back in since I went overboard and a little crazy. Even today I had a chocolate donut. I need to rein myself back in and look at my goals again and get on track this week. Tomorrow I will post a better day.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday is not quite Friday

Didn't post yesterday because it was so busy I didn't get home until around 11p.m.  I did my workout then went with the family to watch Robbie's 7 on 7 JV football practice. It lasted so long that we didn't even eat until 9:30 at night! By that time I was starving.  I went over in calories and split a protein bar with the kids to help my hunger at football.  I had planned a quick heat up dinner but we were so starving that we went to McDonalds and couldn't wait to get home.  It just was one of those nights we were in a bind and went for the quick fix.  It seems with sports and kids it happens a lot.  I tried to stay good and had a hamburger.  I did sneak in a chicken nugget from one of the kids' meals.  I felt like I could've eaten 10 more.

I do have a confession that I also ate 2 Paradise Bakery chippers.  My boss asked me if I wanted a cookie when she went to grab me a drink and I didn't even think to say no thanks, as I usually always say yes that'd be great.  It just slipped out by remote. So once it was in front of me I couldn't resist.  So Wed was my challenge day that I slipped up a little.  I ended up being over 150 calories. Other than that I did breakfast and lunch healthy.

Thursday-I was perfectly within my calorie budget.  I worked out for the 4th day of the week. Yeah me!  And I also resisted the box of chippers from Paradise Bakery that she gave me.  I put a sticky note on the box for everyone to help themselves to the box to help the resistance go faster.
B-protein shake
L-1/2 banana with greek yogurt and peanut butter dip-yummy!
     1/4 cup leftover roast
      1/2 cup corn
Snack-1/2 banana from lunch
      whole wheat bread slice with butter
D-grilled stuffed hamburger on whole wheat bun. Stuffed with olives, mushrooms and cheese! So good!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday , Tuesday , Tuesday

Well, the day started out right. I got up with Jace to take him to scout camp at 6:30 a.m. Got dressed in my workout clothes and ran a mile.  I haven't run for about 3 weeks. I ate right and was really craving something sweet or bread-like. Brownies or cookies.  So I started looking up on pinterest some clean eating recipes and re-calculating the amount of calories I had left to eat.

Then I got a phone call from work.

I was so stressed out and so upset that I didn't want to eat anything anymore.  I did do my Wod for the day.  I was thinking of maybe running with Kendra but I scrapped that.  The Wod was a really quick 6 min one again.  So now I'm under calories-didn't even make it to 1200 calories and I know I'm putting myself into starvation mode but I really have no appetite.  So I'm going to just go to bed since I have to get up at the crack of dawn to do stupid things that work calls for.  I did pass up on my husbands M&M's he bought and put on the side of my bed for temptation.  It's great that I'm too upset to eat it.  Hopefully tomorrow goes better.

Monday, June 9, 2014

My dedication to eating right & working out

So I'm renewing my commitment to eating right & working out.  I read somewhere to write it in a blog, and since I have this blog but haven't used it for a couple of years I figure I'd better start using it again.  I'm going to write in this daily to keep myself responsible for eating and exercising.

Here are my goals:

To eat clean-replacing white bread and pastas with whole wheat. To limit sweets and fried foods. To drink more water and limit my diet sodas. To eventually get where I can go 4-7 weeks without any sweets.

To exercise 4-6 times a week.

To be able to look good in a bikini, with a nice flat stomach.

Ok, so now that I wrote out my goals I made a new wall of pictures and motivational quotes I taped to my closet door so I see it daily.  I also cut out a picture of a great looking stomach that I carry in my purse so when I'm eating out I can look at it before I make any choices to remind me of my goal so I can make a good eating choice.

Okay since it's only Monday I've immediately wanted ice cream yesterday.  Didn't help that Chris bought my favorite Mint Cookies and Cream.  I told myself I can have ONE scoop if I make it through the Friday by eating clean. Here is what I've done so far:

B-mcdonalds sausage & egg burrito-ate insides only, no tortilla
L-egg omelet with cheese, spinach & sausage
D-Barros 1 pepperoni slice & 4-6 boneless wings (I didn't really count)
Ok I can explain Barros-my Aunt & mom took the family out for dinner so I limited my pizza slice and even though I saw crusts left on the kids' plate I resisted it.  Was still over in calories though.

B-protein shake
L-chicken spinach hummus wrap with whole wheat tortilla & grapes
D-t-bone steak, corn, brown rice
S-Kashi cereal
stayed within my calories.  Did my crossfit wod. Only 6 min though-very quick wod but got my heart pumping & light sweat. Drank lots of water & only 3/4 of a diet today. Very proud of myself!